New work

Psycho Drama; self portrait
oil paint on birch wood 2014
90 cm diametre

Ellis Cynthia image 1
Psycho Drama; a self portrait has been inspired by the late Dr. Martin Heine with his performance work, function #8 in three Movements (psychological drama).
I have dedicated this work to my friend in his memory. As the flipping and folding of material can be seen as the excess of information filling my brain as I move throughout the landscape here and there it also explores the endless streaming that I experience daily only to sift through and rid myself of what is necessary, valid or useful.

This is where I live with my head up in the clouds, where I dream of accolades of applause and praise for my painting.
oil on Belgium Linen
46 cm (W) x 61 cm (H) x 8 cm (D)



River Walk A; I’ve always dreamt of living on an island with Palm Trees
oil paint on belgium linen 2014
20 cm x 26 cm x 10cm
Cynthia Ellis


River Walk B; I’ve always dreamt of living on an island with Palm Trees
Cynthia Ellis


blue green light painting 2014 detail

Pasted Graphic 1
detail blue green light painting 2014 oil paint on linen Cynthia Ellis image: Cynthia Ellis
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